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Building Analysis

Photographed above is architect Arno Brandlhuber’s Three Family House (2015) in Rocha, Uruguay.

The building uses only raw materials: concrete, a brick infill, and plywood; window frames and panels are standardized for cost effectiveness, fitting oddly into the building at moments.

Despite a loose live-work agenda, the apartments are open and adaptable in program.

This project studies the Three Family House in depth with attention to specific detail.

The axonometric projection highlights apartments within the Three Family House. The building houses three apartments, each made of two modular units. Second floor modules run north to south, setting up daytime work spaces with afternoon light. Living modules on the top floor span east to west, inviting morning and evening light.

The drawings below repsesent the Three Family House hybridized with Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana in Rome (1942). My digital model and drawings were derived from existing photographs, drawings, and descriptions of the building using estimates of proportion.

The study combined Brandlhuber’s efficient use of material and space with Guerrini’s majestic statement work, now the headquarters of a luxury Italian fashion brand.

Architectural Analysis, RISD. Spring 2019.

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