Bilal Ismail Ahmed
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Pavilion Design

A pavilion is an open public structure with an intentionally ambiguous program. This pavilion, located on S. Main St. in Providence, is a connection point between pedestrians crossing the river walking toward Wickenden St. or people walking from the Point St. bridge to S. Main St. Additionally, the pavilion is a space that can be used for community events, farmers markets, or simply for protection from sun, rain, or snow.

To begin my pavilion on S. Main St. in Providence, I turned to Bruno Munari’s "Eight Queens" drawing. The simple drawing is a chessboard that has eight queens positioned so that they are not able to attack each other in one move. From this drawing, I extruded these points upward, maintaining their misalignment vertically too. These points then connected to form surfaces.

Finally, a structure emerged that looks as if a square plane were perforated and folded down. Support structures came from the square itself, so that the entire roof can theoretically be fabricated from a single piece of material. Pockets of vertical space were intentionally left open to let light in. The site plan at right highlights walkways leading in and out of the pavilion. The remaining area is landscaped such that the pavilion’s exterior is as much an experience as its interior. The entire site alludes to the geometry of the pavilion, one of a folded down square sheet of material.

Architectural Design, RISD. Spring 2018.

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